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Since 1996, Tackett Chiropractic has been providing exceptional care to the residents of Queensbury and its surrounding communities. Our chiropractors identify the root cause of a problem and work with you to fix it, naturally. Come see why so many of your neighbors already entrust us with their care!

Queensbury Chiropractors are the Experienced Leaders


Dr. Bill Tackett

Tackett Chiropractic has offered our chiropractic patients a natural alternative to unnecessary drugs and surgery. Being an experienced leader in Queensbury and the surrounding regions, we have helped people correct the underlying cause of their health issues, rather than simply relieving symptoms. Click here to see Dr. Tackett adjust a toddler.

Tackett Chiropractic’s Mission

As Dr. Bill Tackett explains, “It is the mission of Tackett Chiropractic Center to treat our patients with the respect, attention and care that every individual deserves. As your healthcare provider, we have the important job of making sure we listen to you, administer the proper care, and relieve your symptoms so you can get back to enjoying life.”

Community Impact

Dr. Tackett sits on the board of directors for these organizations:

Please take a moment to visit these websites as they are all terrific organizations and very worthy of awareness.

Meet Dr. Tackett

Let Tackett Chiropractic help you find the health and wellness you are looking for. Call our Queensbury chiropractic office today!

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